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Bank of Moscow

Банк кредит свисс (Москва)

Банк Кредит Свисс - дочерний банк крупного международного банка Credit Suisse, созданный в 1993 году в форме акционерного общества. Представительство банка Credit Suisse начало работать в СССР в 1976 году. Один из первых зарубежных банков, начавших работать на российском рынке банковских услуг для частных клиентов. С 1991 года Банк оказывает полный спектр инвестиционных и банковских услуг ведущим российским и иностранным корпоративным клиентам и организациям. В 2015 году Банк кредит свисс Москва занял 99-е место среди российских банков по размеру активов 53 миллиардов рублей, 51-е место по размеру собственного капитала 14.5 миллиардов рублей и 36-е место по нераспределённой прибыли 1.76 миллиардов рублей. Банк оказывает услуги по управлению частным капиталом, которые ориентированы на состоятельных клиентов, проживающих как в России, так и за рубежом. Наряду с материнской компанией, Credit Suisse, является соучредителем ООО "Кредит Свисс Секьюритиз Москва", осуществляющего брокерскую и дилерскую деятельность.

Здание Азовско-Донского коммерческого банка (Москва)

Здание Азовско-Донского коммерческого банка - здание в Москве, внутри Садового и Бульварного колец, по адресу улица Ильинка, дом № 9, построенное в 1914 году. Памятник градостроительства и архитектуры, номер в списках 7736394000; номер ЕГРОКН 771510282680005.

Здание Петербургского международного коммерческого банка (Москва)

Здание Петербургского международного коммерческого банка - здание в Москве, внутри Садового и Бульварного колец, по адресу улица Ильинка, дом № 9, стр. 1, построенное в 1911 году.

Банковский переулок (Москва)

Банковский переулок - небольшая улица в центре Москвы в Басманном районе, соединяет Мясницкую улицу и Кривоколенный переулок, проходящие здесь параллельно друг другу.

Credit Bank of Moscow

Credit Bank of Moscow is a Russian bank founded in 1992 and operating in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. In 2008-2015 the Moscow Credit Bank raised from 66 to 12 place by assets in Russian bank rating. Its funds increased 20 times and achieved 115 billions of rubles. In 2016 it got into top-10 leading Russian banks. As of September 2017 Credit Bank of Moscow is ranked 9th among Russian banks by assets. Now the Moscow Credit Bank is the biggest private regional bank in Russia. It`s in the top of banks of major systemic importance. Credit Bank of Moscow is owned by Roman Avdeev, the head of Ingrad real estate development company and Rossium concern. Before 2012 Roman Avdeev was the only beneficiary of the Moscow Credit Bank. He bought the bank in 1994. Now he controls 55.73% of stocks. Till 2008 Roman Avdeev was the head of the International finance attraction department and a President of the Moscow Credit Bank. In the end of 2008 Roman Avdeev has stepped down, but he is still a member of the Supervisory Council.

Moscow Narodny Bank (London)

The Moscow Narodny Bank was set up in London in 1915 as a branch of the Russian Moscow Narodny Bank. In 1916 the London branch was transformed into a full-scale affiliate. On October 18, 1919 it was transformed into an independent bank Moscow Narodny Bank Limited.

Moscow Narodny Bank (Moscow)

Moscow Narodny Bank was established under the Articles of Association approved by the Ministry of Finance on March 3, 1911. It was opened in Moscow on May 9, 1912. The idea of setting up such a bank occurred at the First All-Russian Convention of Representatives of Cooperative Establishments in 1908 and was endorsed afterwards by annual conventions of cooperators. The purpose of setting-up and operation of the Moscow Narodny Bank was determined as follows:" to deliver monetary funds to small loan institutions and all kinds of cooperative enterprises in order to ease their turnovers”. The management located in Moscow was designated as the bank governing body, and the function of the controlling body was allocated to the Board. Capital assets of the bank amounted to 1 million rubles upon its founding and 4 million rubles in 1917. The original building of the bank was located at Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow. In 1912 the office at Bolshaya Dmitrovka in the house No.4 opened its doors for the large public. Branches of the bank were set up in all district towns of the Moscow government. Since 1912 Moscow Narodny Bank has become the major mortgage lending facilitator in Russia and has been at the head of the small loan institution system. Moscow Narodny Bank had 12 branches, agencies and commission offices in different towns and cities of European Russia, Siberia, Far East and Caucasus, including Petrograd, Vladivostok, Perm, Tiflis Tbilisi, Irkutsk, Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara. Bank agencies were established in London 1915 and New York 1916. In 1916 the London agency was reorganized into a fully valid subsidiary. By 1916 thebank turnover had increased up to 1.2 million rubles.

Moscow Narodny Bank Limited

Moscow Narodny Bank Limited, London was created as an independent bank in 1919 on the basis of the London branch of the Moscow Narodny Bank, which had operated in London since 1915.

Bank of Moscow

The Bank of Moscow was a Russian bank that provided banking services to both corporate and retail customers until May 2016. Headquartered in Moscow, the bank had 267 outlets, including branch offices and cash desks. BoM had over 114.000 corporate and 9 million retail customers. In 2011 it was the fifth largest bank in Russia. As of 1 July 2016, it had 6.3 million banking cards in its portfolio. Its central office was located in the building of the Moscow International Bank in Moscow, on the corner of Kuznetsky Most and Rozhdestvenka streets. On May 10, 2016 its merger into VTB Bank was finalized. In 2011, following a hostile takeover by VTB Bank, US$9 billion in fraudulent loans were discovered, and the bank received an unprecedented US$14 billion bailout. Russia has issued an international arrest warrant for Andrey Borodin for his suspected role in the fraud.